Is Bottled Water Affordable Enough For Us?

The costs of bottled water is constantly changing  and with the inflation affecting the price of other goods , is bottled water becoming unaffordable for us as a global community ? Water is something that so many of us take for granted despite the fact that there is so much of it around us and across our planet. So its time we ask ourselves whether bottled water is affordable enough? and what can be do to make bottled water for more people across the world.

Why Can Bottled Water Be Costly?

If you want to take a vacation and you have to stay in a particular hotel, do you think that the hotel is going to give you free water? more often than not, the answer will be no. This is because you will be paying for the convenience of having bottled water.  In some countries and climates, bottled water can be charged at a premium as often the tap water is not healthy to drink due to poor sanitation.

Bottled water offers people the flexibility to keep hydrated on the move whether at work or out on a hike. Prices tend to vary depending where you buy bottled water but normally average around £1. Whilst this cost is fairly low, the price can rise as demand fluctuates in extreme weather conditions and also depending on where the water is being sold. For example a café or restaurant may well  charge a premium in order to serve bottled water rather than tap water. This can sometimes be an extra two or three pounds.

What Can Be Changed?

There is a lot that can be changed in order to combat the rising prices of bottled water. One of the main areas which can change is the materials being used. Global pressure on bottled water companies to use more environmentally friendly materials could lead to lower prices for bottled water.

Furthermore,  we should also remember that bottled water can be difficult to access in more rural areas. Therefore where possible more investment should be made in water purification facilities to stop large bottled water companies cashing in on a lack of sustainable water in the local area.

Justification For Lower Bottled Water Prices

Water purification is an important thing to look into if you want to stay healthy and protect your health.  Increasingly water treatment plants are being set up across the world in order to combat the risk that unsanitary or dirty water poses to human health. In locations where clean water cannot be easily accessed, bottled water prices should be lowered to the lowest possible levels in order to assist with the emergency provision of water for aid and hygiene.

In order for this kind of action to take place, leading bottled water manufacturers need to lead by example in order to produce positive results. Collective action taken with charities and bottled water companies could lead to lowered overall bottled water prices and better standards of health for many areas blighted by poor water supplies.